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Business and Professional English

Successful global business depends on successful communication.


There is no doubt that English has been adopted and integrated as the main lingua franca for international business. Formal academic education provides academic knowledge and qualifications, but it does not always equip one with skills to communicate effectively and accurately in a professional world dominated by English.

The number of speakers of English as an additional language globally increases year on year, as does the level of general language proficiency. It is, therefore, necessary for companies to ensure that their staff are able to communicate effectively in English.

Course Description:

The Business and Professional English Course is designed to equip learners with the language skills necessary for success in the modern business world. This course focuses on enhancing communication proficiency in professional settings, developing specialized business vocabulary, and honing essential skills for effective business correspondence and presentations.

Throughout the course, you will engage in a variety of practical activities and simulations that mirror real-life business situations. These activities will provide you with the opportunity to apply your language skills in a professional context, improving your ability to communicate clearly, confidently, and strategically.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Business Communication Skills: Develop effective oral and written communication skills required in various business contexts, including meetings, negotiations, presentations, and networking events.

  2. Professional Vocabulary and Terminology: Expand your business vocabulary and improve your understanding of industry-specific terminology, enabling you to communicate more accurately and confidently in professional settings.

  3. Business Writing Skills: Enhance your ability to write professional emails, reports, memos, and other business documents with clarity, conciseness, and professionalism. A range of resources, including online materials, business articles, case studies, and industry-specific resources is used.

  4. Presentation Skills: Learn strategies for delivering impactful presentations, including structuring content, engaging an audience, and effectively using visual aids.

  5. Cross-Cultural Communication: Develop an awareness of cultural differences in business communication and learn strategies for effective cross-cultural interaction in a global business environment.

  6. Business Etiquette: Gain insights into professional etiquette and cultural norms in the business world, ensuring that you present yourself professionally and build strong business relationships.

Who Should Take This Course:

The Business and Professional English Course is ideal for professionals, entrepreneurs, and students who want to enhance their language skills for success in the business world. It is suitable for individuals at various proficiency levels, from intermediate to advanced learners, who wish to improve their business communication abilities.

By the end of this course, you will have developed the necessary language skills and confidence to excel in professional situations, enabling you to communicate effectively, build strong business relationships, and achieve your career goals.

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