Global Communication Skills and Coaching

Global communication skills are not just for those going into the international/ intercultural fields, these skills are a requirement for all job seekers and employees. More often that not, an individual will work with someone with a different background, even if they are both from the same country.

So, understanding people—standing in their shoes—is key to understanding our differences and our problems. These skills are the first steps in developing an effective solution and being successful in business. 

Now more than ever, business environments are volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Global communication skills are needed to navigate this new, globalized business landscape and it can mean the difference between survival and true success in international business.

We offer training in Intercultural Communication and Competence, Collaboration and working successfully in teams, and in Critical Thinking Skills.

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Critical Thinking

"The shift to lifelong learning is absolutely  essential. As the pace of technological change quickens, we need to be sure that employees are keeping up with the right skills to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. That applies to both technical and soft skills. There will be change in both areas." 

-Zvika Krieger (Head of Technology Policy and Partnerships) World Economic Forum


We provide personal development, emotional intelligence, and wellness coaching to Employees, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals.

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