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English Plus Global acquires INTESOL Worldwide Master Franchise for South Africa

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

English Plus Global has been offering the internationally accredited Teacher Training courses as a sub-franchisee since 2016. In December 2019 English Plus Global acquired the INTESOL Worldwide Master Franchise for South Africa. This means that English Plus Global will still be offering the same courses but they are now able to sell sub-franchisees across South Africa and some other countries in Africa.

English Plus Global is a B-BBEE Level 1 women owned company. The owner, Fatima Halday, is a certified English Language Teacher and jumped at the opportunity to secure the franchise. She has always been passionate about education and empowering people. She always had an entrepreneur spirit and mindset from a very young age. Fatima has owned businesses ranging from clothing retail, manufacturing, travel, importing and distributing. She is a Psychology and Communication Science graduate and also worked as a Psychological Counsellor.

She decided to pursue teaching English when she was at a crossroads in her life and she wanted to take a break from counselling. She has always loved English. So that, and as she admits, probably watching one too many episodes of Mind Your Language as a child is what catapulted her into a career of English teaching. She has worked at the British Council as an Exams Officer and Test Day Supervisor for Cambridge and IELTS exams, and have taught at language schools in Cape Town. Fatima has also taught Academic English to university students in China. Currently, when Fatima is not doing teacher training or teaching, she offers Coaching on a part-time basis.

Fatima believes that a successful company should offer personalised attention, excellent service, and have a solid team of skilled professionals with a shared vision, and good work ethic. She is hands-on and delivers courses herself for the most part and is always available to answer any questions new clients and students may have. She sometimes partners with trusted affiliates if it is in the client's best interest.

To learn more about INTESOL Worldwide and other branches or franchises around the world, follow this link:

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