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Global Skills

In today's interconnected world, global competence has emerged as a key determinant of success in both personal and professional spheres. As individuals and organisations navigate increasingly complex global challenges, the ability to understand, communicate, and collaborate across cultural boundaries has become essential. 

Mastering global competence is essential for success in the 21st century, enabling individuals to thrive in diverse cultural, social, and organisational contexts. By developing essential skills such as effective communication, adaptability, emotional intelligence, global citizenship, and ethical leadership, individuals can navigate global challenges, build meaningful relationships, and contribute to positive social change. 

Upgrade your skills by completing one of these courses.

Positive Smile

Develop your Emotional Intelligence

Learn how your emotions influence how you perform, build relationships and make decisions with this free online course.

Working Together

Understanding Workplace Emotional Intelligence

This free online course explains how emotional intelligence can be harnessed to create a healthy workplace culture.

Child Counselor

Diploma in Emotional Intelligence

Learn the skills needed to develop emotional intelligence that influence self-awareness in this free online course.

Creatives Discussing Project

The Principles of Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Coaching

This free online course will teach you how Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills can build your leadership and coaching capabilities, and improve your brand of leadership

Conversation Between Colleagues

Introduction to Interpersonal Skills

This free online interpersonal skills introduction course will guide you through the fundamentals of strong interpersonal skills.

Business Meeting

Diploma in Interpersonal Skills

This free online course, Diploma in Interpersonal Skills, will guide you through various techniques for improving your interpersonal skills in the workplace

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