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We aim to be a leader in online language learning, providing high-quality, comprehensive courses for students of all levels. Our goal is to help people around the world improve their language skills and achieve their academic, professional or self-development goals. Our selection of online courses offer a flexible and convenient way to learn.

Tutored online lessons are available for some of the languages. Please email us your request. 

Learn English
Studying Online

Beginner Level English

Learn French
Smiling Person Talking through Headphones

French for Beginners

Learn Italian
Finishing an Assignment

Italian for Beginners

Learn Arabic
Distance Learning

Arabic for Beginners

Learn Chinese
Working from Home

Chinese for Beginners

Learn Sign Language
Video Call with Sign Language

Introduction to British Sign Language

Learn Spanish
Online Tutoring

Introduction to Spanish

Learn German
Online Conference

German for Beginners

Learn Portuguese
Laptop Office Worker

Portuguese for Beginners

Learn Japanese
Online Class

Japanese for Beginners

Learn Mandarin

Mandarin for Beginners

Learn Korean
Working from Home

Easy Korean for Beginners

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